'Tell people not to worry about me - I'm fine' says man who's lived in a bus shelter for TWO YEARS in Milton Keynes

John has refused many offers of help from the council

Tuesday, 14th September 2021, 5:02 pm

A man in his 50s who has set up home is a bus shelter at the side of a busy MK grid road has asked that people stop worrying about him.

"I'm fine," said John.

"If I want a house I'm quite capable of sorting it out myself."

John has lived in the bus shelter for at least two years

Numerous people have expressed concern when they pass the bus shelter and see John huddled in the corner, with his duvet, blankets and clothes neatly piled on the seat.

"He's been there at least two years, probably longer. In the same bus shelter. It's incredible that this go on so long in this day and age," said one.

He looks clean and tidy and greets people politely. But his possessions, though folded with military precision, are meagre and there is no place to wash or use toilet facilities nearby.

"Why doesn't someone help this man?" is a common plea on social media in the area of his 'home'.

But the Citizen can reveal that Milton Keynes Council homelessness workers have been trying to engage with John for a considerable length of time and help has been offered countless times, often on a daily basis.

We paid him a visit to ask if there was anything the Citizen could do to help. John was charming, but very firm.

"Honestly, I wish people would stop worrying about me," he said. "I have everything I need. Tell them not to worry because I'm okay," he insisted.

However he did say he was now "engaging" with MK Council's outreach homelessness team, whom he has previously snubbed.

Today council leader Pete Marland confirmed there had been some progress with John.

He said: "I can reassure people that the individual in question is well known to the homelessness team at Milton Keynes Council."

He added: "There is a long and complex backstory to the situation and extensive help has been offered, sometimes on a daily basis. But sadly it has been declined.

"Outreach workers will continue to work with John to build trust and offer him all the support to get him off the street when he feels ready to engage."