The most popular baby names in Milton Keynes

Over the past two years, more than 7,000 babies have been born at MK Hospital – and research has now revealed the most popular names.

By Sally Murrer
Thursday, 9th June 2022, 12:38 pm
Updated Thursday, 9th June 2022, 12:39 pm

For girls, Olivia remains top of the list, while the most popular boys’ name is Arthur.

Milton Keynes saw a slight surge in births during the Covid pandemic, though the fertility rate has been decreasing nationally over the years.

The reasons for the national decline include improved access to contraception and women delaying motherhood.

More than 7,000 babies have been born at Milton Keynes hospital over the past two years

MK’s official fertility rate was1.84 live births per woman last year. The rate for England and Wales was 1.58 – the lowest since records began in 1938.

A spokesman for Milton Keynes Hospital said: “We saw a surge in demand for maternity services, with more babies born in 2021 than in previous years. This increase in demand, coupled with staffing challenges through the pandemic due to sickness and isolation, sometimes meant concentrating maternity staff in our labour ward, so that women are cared for safely during labour and birth.”

The most popular names for the MK region for baby girls are:

1 Olivia

2 Amelia

3 Isla

4 Ava

5 Mis

6 Florence

7 Ivy

8 Lily

9 Rosie

10 Poppy

The most popular names for baby boys are:

1 Arthur

2 George

3 Oliver

4 Noah

5 Oscar

6 Henry

7 Leo

8 Jack

9 Archie

10 Theodore

Nationally, Oliver and Olivia remained the most popular names in England and Wales last year for the fifth consecutive year.

Ivy and Rosie replaced Grace and Freya in the top 10 girls’ names, while Archie replaced Charlie in the top boys’ names.