These are the 21 things you should NEVER say to someone from Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes residents are a pleasant bunch of folks but there are a few things that really get us worked up.

Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 11:57 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st May 2019, 12:03 pm
Just don't go there ok?

Here are 21 things you should never say to someone from Milton Keynes. From the downright obvious to comments about our football team or well known landmarks. Just don't go there ok!

Usually with little to back up their opinion... if you don't like it so much get lost, we love it
Yes we get it, we've got lots of roundabouts. But for the most part the system works. And one of ours has a statue of an Olympic Gold medal winner on it, bet yours doesn't
Referring of course to Bianca Jackson of EastEnders fame, played by Patsy Palmer pictured, who agreed to move to MK with her family after a string of incidents in Walford
It is something of a swearword in MK given the bad blood between the two clubs. AFC failed to make mention of the 'Dons' part of MK Dons name on the scoreboard and in the programme in the not too distant past
Yes he can be confusing for newcomers. But nearby Aylesbury, gridlocked since switching from roundabouts to traffic lights would gladly swap with us. MK has over 130 roundabouts and the number is growing all the time
There is no getting away from the fact lots of people relocated here from London. But we've come a long way in the 50-odd years since and now widely regarded as a city in our own right
And what is wrong with that? In fact what other city can say that? The reason it looks like that is because there are, over 22 million have been planted across MK's 119 square miles
Whatevs. At the end of the day MK Dons have a great stadium and facilities and an excellent manager and are on the verge of promotion to League One.
Often used mockingly to suggest MK is man-made and has no soul. But the Concrete Cows are now iconic and were created by Canadian Artist Liz Leyh using scrap building materials
Yes that's the one, but that does not define us. We are one of the biggest leisure and shopping destinations in the South East.
Yes we know Milton Keynes is not officially a city... yet! There have been several bids for 'city status' in 2000, 2002 and 2012 Civic Honours to no avail. But it is only a matter of time
Everyone, who is anyone, knows that everyone calls it 'the new bit' despite it opening nearly 20 years ago in 2000
Nothing MADE us move here. We love it here and for good reason, MK is a great place to live
MK IS one of the most stigmatised places in the UK often labelled boring, concrete, soulless. But MK's cachet lies in its egalitarian social engineering, vast green open spaces and original avant-garde architecture. Stop perpetuating the myth people.
Well it seems plenty of people want to. Milton Keynes is set to DOUBLE in size, swelling to a population of half a million over the next three decades according to experts and planners
Late objections from a member of the public who wanted to save the iconic Point from demolition did not prevent councillors from removing the last obstacles and it will be torn down in the next year
The thing is, MK has its own style. Yes you might get lost down a street that looks like the last seven youve covered or someone on the grid road network but that is MK's style and what makes it unique
Another nod to our concrete cow heritage. When MK turned 50 a couple of years ago we celebrated with 50 new and exclusive concrete cows in the town's biggest ever art and charity project
Football didn't exist before 2002
Some people hate this, others think its charming.
It's not! But we do have several of them to make sure it stays that way