This is how many people in MK have so far avoided getting vaccinated against Covid

They join millions of people across the UK who are currently unvaccinated

Thursday, 28th October 2021, 1:04 pm

It’s been 10 months since the first groundbreaking Pfizer jab got clinical approval - but Citizen analysis shows millions of people are still unvaccinated across the UK

Almost eight million people across the UK have still not had their first Covid vaccination as the booster campaign ramps up, we can reveal.

In Milton Keynes, more than one in 10 people of eligible age have still not had their first jab. The total number of people unvaccinated is 24,075, which equates to 10.8% of the 12+ population.

Data shows which areas of England have the lowest number of vaccinated people

The number of people in the borough who have had at least their first dose is 198,599.

According to the most recent available Covid dashboard data from 25 October, 7,707,538 people aged 12 and over remain unjabbed across the four nations.

It raises concerns around how much more progress can be made to vaccinate people for the first time.

Figures show Birmingham is the top council area with the most unvaccinated people - although the numbers don't reflect the proportion of the population who are vaccinated.

The local authority has an estimated population of 946,103 people aged 12 and over, according to the Office for National Statistics – but 251,540 have yet to say ‘yes’ to their first jab.

Cambridge is leading the way with its vaccine campaign as only 990 people out of its 108,112 population are left to jab.

The vaccine rollout was first introduced on 8 December, 2020.

Grandmother Margaret Keenan, 90, became the first person in the world to receive a Pfizer jab.

Fast-forward to 25 October 2021 and 49,753,037 people have had their first Covid vaccine.

Just one month after the booster rollout began in September, 6,442,000 people have had their third top up.