Woman badly injured in Milton Keynes park wants to thank mystery strongman who carried her half a mile uphill to safety

A woman is seeking the Good Samaritan who came to her rescue when she was in agony at Willen Lake.

Monday, 12th April 2021, 1:12 pm
Updated Monday, 12th April 2021, 1:14 pm

Sally Barrington had gone out for a dog walk over Easter Bank Holiday weekend with her partner and son and was trying out the trim trail around the lake.

She was walking along the wooden balance beams when she lost her footing and slipped, falling to the concrete ground on her knee.

"I heard a loud snap from my knee and I was in instant pain, unable to walk on my right leg. I knew this was serious and I was in trouble," she said.

Sally cannot put weight on her leg for 12 weeks

"I asked my partner go home, collect the car and I planned to walk to the roadside where he could collect me and take me to A&E. I sat for a few minutes to calm myself and attempted to stand up, but I couldn't do it. I was unable to walk at all - bearing weight on my right leg was crippling."

Sally's 16-year-old son tried to carry her but it was impossible, she said.

By now, the pain was so great that it caused her to vomit.

"I tried to bum shuffle but was too weak. I slid down on to the gravel, unable to stand up, and cried with pain. Several people walked past and said nothing and I was embarrassed to look at anyone due to the crying."

Sally was out walking the dog when she smashed her knee

Out of the blue came a runner, who immediately stopped to help.

"He instantly saw I was in pain. This kind man offered to carry me over 900 meters uphill to the roadside where my partner could pick me up," said Sally.

"I was very frightened to be picked up because of the pain but he gently lifted me into his arms and carried me. As we walked he tried to keep my mind off my pain by telling me that in Poland the groom simply lifts his bride and they walk like this into the reception party, a tradition with a symbolic meaning that basically certifies the change of the marital status."

Sally was collected by her partner at the roadside and the stranger continued his run before she had a chance to ask for his details.

She was taken to hospital, where she needed surgery to mend her smashed knee.

Today Sally is recovering at home, where she is not allowed put weight on her leg for 12 weeks due to the extent of the trauma. She will no longer be able to run.

But had she tried to walk to the roadside, the damage would have been even worse - and it is thanks to the strongman stranger this did not happen.

She is now focused on tracing him so she can say a proper thank you.

She said: "I've sent out Facebook messages looking for him, and this created lots of responses - but not from the runner. I also posted in the Neighbourhood forum.

"I want to thank him and show our community a light does shines despite Covid. In these dark times, it's these small acts of kindness that keep us alive. They remind us of our humanity."

The man was around 6ft tall, lean, with an olive skin tone, and spoke with a Polish accent.

The incident happened around 2pm on Good Friday and at the time the man was wearing a fluorescent blue running jacket.