Xscape casino plans on hold

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PLANS for a new hotel, casino and retail development at Xscape have been put on hold.

The decision was made at a Development Control Committee meeting last Thursday where Councillor Catriona Morris, speaking for residents in Campbell Park, pointed out that people had not been fully consulted.

The delay could be a major drawback for Xscape in their long-running battle with the Leisure Plaza and stadium:mk to win the coveted casino licence – which will be decided on next month.

Citizens group Xplain has been battling against the Xscape plans for more than two years.

Xplain leader Linda Inoki said: “This is a hugely controversial proposal. Quite apart from the wisdom of operating a 24-hour casino near a residential area, the development threatens to deface the MK skyline with multi-storey car parks, kill the trees in our boulevards and mess up our road system.

“The public has a right to full and proper consultations. Last week’s proposal glossed over long-standing issues and was a complete fudge.”