Youngster, 8, from town near Milton Keynes throws down ultimate generation game challenge

Inventor says his game - a cross between Battleships and Scrabble - can bridge generation gap this Christmas

Thursday, 2nd December 2021, 5:19 pm
Updated Thursday, 2nd December 2021, 5:20 pm

A youngster challenged a near-centenarian to the ultimate generation game, after noting the age guide on his favourite board game was eight to 108.

Charlie Pelling told his dad Derek he would like to challenge someone of 108 to a match, to see who would win.

And while a 108-year-old proved to be a bit of a tall order, 97-year-old word fan Ruby Hill invited Charlie to her care home to prove that age is just a number.

Game on, as Charlie Pelling, 8, takes on 97- year-old word fan Ruby Hill in the ultimate generation game

"I loved the idea of playing against a really old person to see whether they had more experience than me and Ruby gave me a tough match. I loved playing the word game against Ruby and I think we both did really well," said Charlie, aged eight from Buckingham.

While there wasn't a clear winner, Ruby certainly gave Charlie a run for his money during the game of 2 Way Words at Gracewell Care Home in Maids Moreton, where she lives.

Ruby's daughter Judith 54, said: "My mum has always been an avid reader and still loves to do crossword puzzles every day. She loves Countdown and other quiz programmes and until recently enjoyed challenging her grandchildren to Scrabble and taking part in the Christmas afternoon tradition of a game of Monopoly.

"She hopes to still be doing crosswords when she gets to 100."

Shaun Delaney, 64 devised the game which he says isa cross between Battleships and Scrabble

The 2 Way Words game was devised by Shaun Delaney, 64 and the inventor says that he believes his game, a cross between Battleships and Scrabble, can bridge the generation gap this Christmas.

"Everyone loves a word game, and 2 Way Words is a lot of fun with lots of ways to eliminate your opponent. It was so lovely to hear about Charlie's challenge, and how nice that he took the age guide on the side of the box so seriously.

"During the pandemic we have spent a long time away from elderly relatives and friends, so I was pleased to hear this 2 Way Words match brought the generations together."

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