Pervert archaeologist claimed his gender confusion caused his paedophilia

An archaeologist who blamed being transgender for possessing more than 2,000 horrific child abuse images - including the rape of a baby -is this week starting a jail sentence.

Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 2:27 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 4:03 pm
The investigation was also looking into money laundering offences

Mark Woodley from Middleton, Great Linford admitted his vile crimes to police after telling hospital staff his “gender dysphoria” had turned him into a paedophile.

A judge heard that Woodley, appearing in court on his 39th birthday, admitted himself to hospital telling staff he had a “serious problem.”

Woodley, who sported vibrant green and blonde dyed hair, admitted possession 97 of the most serious category of indecent child images, 74 of the second and a staggering 1,906 belonging in the least serious category.

He was only jailed for six months after a judge sitting at Aylesbury Crown Court was told he self-reported to Stoke Mandeville Hospital and gave voluntary admissions to the police.

Prosecuter Sandra Beck said: “Police were contacted on April 7 by a member of the mental health assessment team at Stoke Mandeville where he had walked in as a patient and disclosed that he had been viewing the images.”

Judge Francis Sheridan described the “filthy” images to the court, saying they included a baby girl suffering horrific rapes and caused “immense” psychological harm to children.

Police found the indecent images on cumputer equpiment during a raid at Woodley’s home.

Daren Samat, defending, said: “When he arrived at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in crisis he had realised he was doing something terribly wrong and decided that he needed help which is why he chose to report himself.”

The court heard divorcee Woodley, who is an archaeologist, started hoarding the images from October 2014 until he was arrested in April 2015.

Mr Samat, referring to a psychiatric report made on his client by Dr Michael Alcock said: “The backdrop to this offending is rooted in his gender dysphoria.

“He had an issue with his gender identity from a very young age of three years which he has tried to suppress.

“He has been suicidal because of his position and having to effectively come out to those around him.”

Judge Sheridan quizzed Mr Samat over how the “gender dysphoria” made him want to watch the horrific abuse of young boys and girls.

“How does viewing little children being raped help with his gender identity?” asked the judge.

The lawyer said Woodley was “curious” to find out if he was a paedophile after he learned his father was charged with sex offences.

“It was curiosity.. if there was a passing on of that,” said Mr Samat.

He added: “Having looked at the images he then goes to fantasise whether he would like to be a young female child and that is the gist of it.”

The lawyer, who was unable to explain his client’s actions further, then urged the judge to give Woodley a suspended sentence.

“He would be exceptionally vulnerable if he were imprisoned immediately,” he said.

Judge Sheridan however, refused, jailing Woodley to six months in jail, saying: “Everybody who pleads guilty to these offences, if they went straight into the mainstream (prison) they would be vulnerable but that is not what happens - their file is marked.”

He added: “He made it clear from the day at the police station that he was guilty of these offences.

“The psychiatric report in his case makes it clear that this man is not suffering from a mental condition or health condition, no psychiatric reasons or direct risk to the public in terms of this behaviour outside of the internet offending.

“The psychiatrist makes it clear that there is no fitness to plead or any issues such as that, so what has he pleaded guilty to?

“Ninety-seven category A, 74 category B, 1906 category C.

“There is a rape of a baby orally, anally, vaginally and that applies to some other children. These are all innocent children wherever in the world they hail from.”

The judge added: “Every child is entitled to be protected and cherished and judges across these civilised parts of the world most stand together to condemn this trade.The psychological harm to them is immense often irreparable and it is for these reasons that it must be taken seriously.”

Woodley received three six month jail sentences, one for each category of indecent images. They will run concurrently.

A Sexual Harm Prevention Order restricting his internet access was made and he was signed on to the Sex Offenders Register for seven years.

The court heard a “small tent” of seedling cannabis plants were found during the police raid at Woodley’s home. He was given no separate penalty after he admitted possession of a class B drug.