Pet detecting is elementary my dear Watkins for former copper

Claire O'Dea is reunited with cat Oscar
Claire O'Dea is reunited with cat Oscar

A CAT owner has been reunited with her ginger tom after calling in a little extra help from some pet detectives.

Oscar, aged just one and a half, went missing on January, 20 but returned home last Thursday after owner Clare O’Dea called Animal Search UK.

Mrs O’Dea, from Oxley Park, found the company on the internet after typing in ‘missing pets’ into a search engine.

Former police officer Tom Watkins started the company of pet detectives 12 years ago and now has as many as 800 visitors a day to its website.

Mr Watkins said: “Most missing pets are found within a few miles of home – the challenge faced by owners, is making sure that as many people as possible know that their pet has gone missing, and encouraging them to be vigilant.”

The company gets all the information necessary on the missing pet, including its habits and up to three pictures. The teams then carry out police style patrols equipped with walkie-talkies, rescue traps, torches and in patrol vehicles.

Mrs O’Dea said: “They sent out a search team the next day. They post flyers and put up posters with their number on it, so if something bad was to happen, people are more inclined to ring them who might not want to ring the owner.”

If you would like to list or look for a missing pet then visit the animal search UK website at