Peter Andre’s new mysterious MK mate

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A burly wallpaper hanger is the envy of women all over the world after receiving a declaration of LOVE from singer Peter Andre.

Cheeky Chris Boylan is appearing on ITV’s 60 Minute Makeover show and became firm pals with presenter Pete.

The pair, faced with decorating a house in a Shakespearean theme, launched an impromptu performance from Romeo and Juliet.

Said Chris: “Pete and I re-enacted the balcony scene. I played Juliet while he played Romeo. But it was all great fun.

“I can’t help thinking that Peter Andre wooing a wallpaper hanger is going to become one of those golden TV moments in the future!”

Chris, who lives in Stony Stratford, met Pete’s girlfriend Emily, who was there most days during the filming.

“She’s a lovely girl and he is a brilliant fellow,” said Chris. “He’s funny, friendly and a pleasure to work with.

“He said I was the fastest wallpaper hanger he’s ever seen in his life, so that was quite a compliment.”

Chris, who is an Elvis impersonator in his spare time, was snapped up by ITV a couple of years ago after the 60 Minute Makeover producers were very impressed with his cheeky banter and wallpaper hanging skills.

This is the fourth series he has worked on and, because of Peter Andre, definitely the most fun, he said.

The series, which includes two makeovers in Milton Keynes, started this week and ends with a Christmas special show. It is screened daily on ITV1 at 2pm.