Petition and postal rage over employee permits in Milton Keynes

Furious city centre workers have gathered thousands of signatures a petition against their spiralling parking permit costs.

Thursday, 12th January 2017, 9:37 am
Updated Thursday, 12th January 2017, 9:37 am

And they’re also hitting out at the council for wasting cash – by posting them up to EIGHT letters informing them of the increase.

At the same time a sympathetic Tory councillor is calling in the Labour-run council’s decision about the price hikes.

John Bint (pictured) said: “It is wrong on so many levels and there is simply no justification to charge these employees more to park. The council is making too much profit out of them already.”

The proposals will now be challenged at the Executive Scrutiny Committee meeting on Monday and Mr Bint is inviting permit holders to go along and have their say.

Most of them will know the civic offices address off by heart – because of the number of letters they’ve received over the past few weeks.

One employee said: “The council wrote to me at my work address and sent an identical letter to my home. Then there was a slight change so they wrote again and again. Some of us have had eight different letters. The council’s postage bill must be massive”

Thousands of employees will be hit by the rising charges. Ironically the worst affected are the eco-minded who share lifts or use low carbon cars. They will have to pay up to 300 per cent more.

A city centre worker, said: “The prosed increases in permit charges are unacceptable and invidious. Imagine if our businesses in CMK put up our prices by that much for the services and products that we offer.”

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