Petition to deliver post office services at shopping centre

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A COUPLE who have lived in the Westcroft area for just two years have started a campaign to get a post office closer to their home.

Rosalind Soloff and her husband moved from Northampton in 2009 but were unhappy that the lack of a post office within walking distance.

Rosalind said: “With a rapidly expanding residential development in our Western area I was astounded to find no post office at the large Westcroft District Centre.

“I contacted our local councillor, who informed me that when approached 10 years ago, Safeway, now Morrisons, had vetoed the idea of incorporating a post office counter in the store, saying it would not be commercially viable.”

That news prompted Rosalind into write to the store which passed her letter on to Morrisons Property and Development Division. An application was then sent in to Post Offices Ltd.

Rosalind said: “It was turned down on the grounds that opening a post office at Westcroft “would have a detrimental effect on surrounding branches, which I find hard to comprehend. Ours is a rapidly expanding population.”

Rosalind is now urging as many people as possible to sign an online petition set up by councillors Stuart Burke and Rosemary Drewett by visiting