Petition to fight the re-naming of Midsummer House

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Shakespeare may have doubted the significance of a name but the proposal to change the moniker of a building has sparked debate.

Midsummer House on Midsummer Boulevard, lists Milton Keynes Community Foundation among its tenants and the charity has proposed to rename the building ‘Margaret Powell House’ to honour a generous local philanthropist.

Margaret left £2m to the Foundation in her will and thanks to a government match £4m is now available to help elderly and disabled people.

However, Jessica Malone has set up a petition (at to object, with 45 supporters so far. She is unappy and feels other tenants are being asked to spend unnecessary time, money and effort communicating the change and minimising confusion. She believes tenants have not been properly consulted and that the name reflects part of the city’s history.

The Foundation has not been approached directly with any complaints.

Bart Gamber, director of Programmes, said: “There may be some misapprehensions that can be resolved and we are happy to discuss the change – we have arrangements with the Post Office so the old address will still stand and we are advising that no reprinting is necessary.”