PetPlan’s vet of the Year competition

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Despite dogs traditionally being considered ‘man’s best friend’, it would appear that for pet lovers in Milton Keynes their best friend is actually their vet. Research from Petplan, the UK’s number one pet insurer, shows that a fifth of local pet owners would call their vet a ‘good friend’ and sees them as an integral part of the community.

With 68 per cent of pets in Milton Keynes being registered to a veterinary practice, pet owners and vets are becoming closer. 48 per cent of owners refer to their vet by their first name and a 47 per cent have his/her mobile saved on their speed dial. Whilst vets aren’t normally considered to be sexy; bizarrely 9% of Milton Keynes folk have admitted to having a crush on their vet.

Vets are considered by local men and women to be the fourth most trusted profession, following only doctors, the police and firemen. Vets are considered more trustworthy than lawyers, dentists and bankers. 10% of pet owners have also said that they feel more comfortable talking to a vet rather than a police officer.

Petplan’s Head of Marketing, Isabella Von Mesterhazy commented: “At Petplan, we have worked closely with the veterinary community for over 35 years and through our customers we hear about the wonderful work they do each day. Vets have become unsung heroes to many families and local communities.”

She continued: “Every year we search the UK for Petplan’s Vet of the Year to make sure that these members of society who make a real difference receive the recognition they deserve.”

Brian Faulkner, a Petplan Vet of the Year winner commented: “Vets have always been considered part of the community and this is true for vet practices in Milton Keynes. 73 per cent of veterinary practices are within three miles of their patients, plus over a third of pet owners in Milton Keynes stay with the same vet for more than five years. Vets are often recognised in their local town or village when out and about, even when off duty and are often asked to help out in a moment of crisis.”

If you think your vet, veterinary nurse, vet support staff or veterinary practice deserves special acknowledgement for their efforts, why not nominate them for the Petplan 2012 Veterinary Awards. Making a nomination couldn’t be easier. Visit and tell us who you think deserves a “Veterinary Oscar” before 10th February 2012. The winners will be announced on 31st March 2012.