Photographer is looking to shoot everyone in town in one picture

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A PHOTOGRAPHER is looking to take a unique shot – using everyone in town.

Brian Tomlinson, from Newport Pagnell had the idea to co-incide with the release of the 2011 Census.

To mark the occasion he is looking to take one mass photo that will include everyone living in the town.

Brian has advertised the event, which will take place on March 5, on Facebook and is now hoping to attract as many people as possible, of all ages to be involved in a piece of ‘local history’.

He said: “I have arranged to have a cherry picker on the day so that I can get everyone, or as many people as possible, in the shot.

“I am now trying to think of the best location so I can fit people in and maybe get a nice local landmark in the background. At the moment Castle Meadows is a possible option as it means I might be able to get St Peter and St Paul’s Church in the background.”

So far just 176 people have confirmed their attendance on the Facebook site and with the event, which will be held between 3pm and 4pm, just weeks away Brian knows that as many people as possible will be needed to make it as good as possible.

If you would like to attend and be a part of Newport Pagnell history visit the event page at