Photographer takes a photo a day for two years with Blipfoto

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A city photographer has recorded two years of her life by taking 730 daily photographs on photo blogging platform

Anna Packard, 32, who works as a wedding photographer, first heard about Blipfoto through a friend. She had a look at the site, liked what she saw and decided to sign up.

That was 730 days ago and she hasn’t missed a day since.

Anna said: “I’ve been taking photos almost every day since I was a teenager and used to make little photo journals from time to time. Blipfoto seemed like a great way to instantly tie in my image with a few words to keep a proper document of my life. I love a bit of nostalgia so I regularly go through my entries and notice all the subtle little changes in my environment. I find it fascinating.”

“My photography skills have got better since I joined. I get a lot of inspiration and ideas from other journals on Blip. Seeing things that I’d not have thought possible there, in front of me, leads me to want to find out how it to achieve it and have a go myself.”

“My favourite thing to photograph is people, and often my children. I love all the expressions that a face or body can use to send a message. I am a fan of documentary style photography and get drawn in by a photo when someone is behaving totally naturally.”

BAFTA Award winning Blipfoto invites everyone to join their worldwide community to save and share their daily lives with others from around the globe. The simple and addictive concept is based on uploading just one new photo - taken that very day - to your journal. Many people do this every day and others as often as they can.

Joe Tree, founder and CEO of Blipfoto, said: “Blipfoto is a unique community where people from all walks of life save and share their lives through pictures and words - one day at a time.”

Blippers include photography enthusiasts, students, young mums, retirees, sea captains, chefs, foodies, birders, journal keepers, singers, authors, media correspondents, charity workers, politicians and creatives.

The website design is clean, simple and free of advertising.