Picasso and Modern Art: Embracing your inner artist

Park Plaza Victoria Hotel
Park Plaza Victoria Hotel

ONE of the best things about our new city – nevermind what the Queen calls us – is its central location.

Should you feel the need to delve beyond MK there are plenty of attractions right on its doorstep.

Image licenced to Park Plaza Hotels & resorts- see licence supplied with this image for full terms & conditions. Copy also available at: www.matthewshaw.co.uk/copyright.html

Image licenced to Park Plaza Hotels & resorts- see licence supplied with this image for full terms & conditions. Copy also available at: www.matthewshaw.co.uk/copyright.html

Not least old London Town and the myriad of opportunities that behemoth contains.

Among them is the chance to embrace your inner artist – and what better place to start than Tate Britain.

Situated on the banks of the Thames, the home of modern art in Britain is currently playing host to an exhibition on one of the most famous artists of them all: Pablo Picasso.

Described as ‘a towering genius who changed the face of modern art’, Picasso was the co-founder of Cubism and an inspiration to a huge number of his contemporaries.

Strawmen at The Park Plaza

Strawmen at The Park Plaza

Picasso and Modern Art, which opened at the gallery on February 15 and runs until July 15, concentrates not only on the work of the Spanish genius, but on that of seven British admirers: Duncan Grant, Wyndham Lewis, Ben Nicholson, Henry Moore, Francis Bacon, Graham Sutherland and David Hockney.

It brings together more than 150 spectacular artworks, with over 60 stunning Picassos including some of his most famous such as the Weeping Woman and The Three Dancers.

Connoisseurs of modern art will not need to be told about the significance of such an exhibition, but what about those – like myself – with less knowledge about the genre?

Modern Art has always reminded me of the Emperor’s New Clothes (everyone says it is great, but no-one is brave enough to say it isn’t), so I was intrigued to try and capture what made Picasso such a star of the art world.

Although I can’t say the Tate exhibition changed my world view, I hope it broadened some boundaries – if not in respect of Picasso’s work then certainly when viewing his life story.

During his 92 years, Picasso spent time in Europe’s finest cities including London, Paris and Barcelona, sired four children by three different women, married a ballerina, had numerous mistresses, wrote more than 300 poems, had a romantic relationship with a woman 40 years his junior, became a Communist and built a huge Gothic mansion in the south of France.

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If you’re not relaxed by then, you never will be.

As one famous Spanish artist said on his deathbed: ‘Drink to me, drink to my health, you know I can’t drink any more.’

Review by Craig Lewis

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