Pictures and video show struggles of Milton Keynes mum who “Just wants to cook for her family again” after having both legs arms amputated

A busy mum who had all her arms and legs amputated due to a deadly infection has told how she longs to cook meals for her family again.


Kim Smith's journey from hospital bed to home has been a horrific ordeal but the brave Milton Keynes mum is starting to smile again

Kim Smith's journey from hospital bed to home has been a horrific ordeal but the brave Milton Keynes mum is starting to smile again

Kim Smith was given hours to live six months ago after a kidney infection put her in a severe sepsis coma.

It caused her to lose circulation in all four limbs, and they had to be amputated to protect her vital organs.

This month 56-year-old Kim finally returned from hospital and rehab to her Bletchley home, where she is striving to be an independent as possible.

“I want to be able to cook and clean and dress myself - but without hands it is impossible,” she said.

“I’m not so worried about legs as I can still do lots of things in my wheelchair. But having hands would make such a difference.”

The prosthetic hands offered by the NHS have just one thumb and one finger that can be moved.

“That’s not enough for all the things I want to do. How can I cook and do things for my grandchildren using just one finger and one thumb?” said Kim

“My dream is to have proper ‘bionic’ electronic hands that will do everything. But I have to buy them privately and they cost £15,000 each,” she said

Kim, who ran her own wedding decoration company before she became ill, says her ambition is to be as busy as she was before she became ill.

Her two daughters have launched a fundraising page called Kim’s Chance in a bid to raise the cash for two fully movable prosthetic hands. Already they have raised almost enough to pay for one, and Kim has had the first fittings with the private company.

Meanwhile the family is boosting the appeal by organising a family fun day at the Scots sports and social club in Bletchley for Sunday September 9.

You can donate via

“Once I get my bionic hands there will be no stopping me!” said Kim.


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