Pink sack wars as recyclers stockpile

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A massive sack race to grab pink recycling bags is causing chaos for outlets all over Milton Keynes.

A temporary blip in the supply of council-issued bundles has prompted sack wars, with hundreds of residents rushing to stockpile as many bundles as they can.

As a result there is now a recycling sack shortage that shows no sign of abating.

The flimsy sacks are viewed like gold dust, with people queueing, jostling and even abusing staff when stocks run out

This week the people have been urged to stop seeing red over pink sacks.

A council spokesman said: “There is currently no shortage of recycling sacks – we have plenty in stock.

“We acknowledge there was a short-term delay in distribution to our outlets before Easter while our waste contractor re-located to a new depot – this was quickly resolved and now all outlets should have supplies.”

In a bid to reduce waste, the council reduced sack deliveries last year to 80 pink bags and 26 black per household.

They introduced a string of places, including libraries, town council offices and shops, where more pink sacks can be picked up for free.

But the recent frenzy has proved a king-size headache for many of these outlets, with people travelling miles to bag their share.

A spokesman for Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council said: “Pink sacks have become the bane of our lives here. We have to have someone on permanent sack watch because people and trying to grab so many.

“Each household is allowed one bundle of 26 sacks, but sometimes people get angry and abusive when we remind them of this.

“People are driving from miles away to get sacks.” said the spokesman. “We’re just hoping it calms down soon – It’s a crazy situation.”