Plane jumps for Santa flight

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A four year old girl was one of many on a Thomas Cook passenger jet which jolted in mid-air.

However, it was done on purpose to give the illusion that Santa himself had hopped onboard to give gifts to children with life-limiting diseases.

Skye McDougall, 4, is recovering from a brain stem tumour and is unable to speak.

She was onboard when the ‘bump’ happened at 7,000 feetas children were told to look out the window to spot Father Christmas.

He then stayed on the flight with them until it landed.

Her father, George McDougall, was also on the flight. He said: “Today is just amazing. What a lovely experience for all these children and if I could wish for anything it would be that all kids are entitled to be loved.”

The flight left Gatwick at 1pm, flew towards Bournemouth before heading east over the Isle of Wight and Brighton and returning to land at 2pm.