Plan:MK will focus on employment growth, green spaces and grid roads

Milton Keynes Council has published a key document on the preferred options for the future growth of Milton Keynes until 2031.

Plan:MK sets out a vision for Milton Keynes as a green and spacious city, with a thriving economy and new university.

The plan will go before Cabinet on February 21 ahead of a public consultation and ultimately its submission to the Secretary of State in 2018.

For more details about the plan, see it here.

Councillor Liz Gifford, said: “Plan MK is an ambitious vision for our growth to 2031 that will look to the future but also focuses on what has made MK special - jobs, green space and grid roads. 

“MK is already known and envied for our thriving economy and high quality of life, and Plan:MK is an important part of our MK Futures 2050 vision to maintain a strong, sustainable economy that includes everybody.

“We want every person to have access to a good home to rent or buy at a price they can afford, and to offer a first class lifelong education including a new university, and lively culture.

“I believe the options we have set out will allow MK to grow sustainably yet hold to our traditions of being a green and spacious place where it’s very easy to get around.

“In fact we want MK to remain the greenest cities in the UK so that people born today can enjoy what made MK special when it was designed 50 years ago.

“This is the next step for Plan MK but there are lots more to take until it’s finalised. We’ll want to hear everyone’s views on the draft plan when the consultation goes live soon.”