Plans to build 2,000 new Milton Keynes homes set to progress

The Brooklands development in Milton Keynes
The Brooklands development in Milton Keynes

A major 2,000-homes development in Milton Keynes is set to forge ahead after the site owners launched a new partnership with Barratt Homes.

Places for People has entered a 50/50 joint venture with Barratt Homes Northampton to develop the rest of the land at the Brooklands development.

“This is marvellous for all those people who we know are desperate to be able to move into Brooklands,” said Places for People project director, Simon Elcock.

“Bringing in a housebuilder of the scale and infrastructure of Barratt means we will be able to forge ahead with plans to develop the site far more quickly than would otherwise have been possible at the same high quality.

“Places for People will continue to deliver the major green spaces and play areas for which Brooklands is already widely acclaimed.

“We will also be able to focus more specifically on things like the mixed use commercial developments planned for Brooklands as well as the community infrastructure which includes new schools and other community buildings.”

Residents currently living at Brooklands in the 250 homes already built by Places for People will continue to have their site management and other services provided by the company in the same way as before.

“The only thing which will change for people who are already part of the community is that they should see the pace of development increasing which will mean they will have more facilities available to them more quickly,” Mr Elcock said.

Barratt Homes will start construction of the residential elements in May 2014 on behalf of the Joint Venture (JV).

Barratt will also provide development, accountancy and sales services for the partnership.

In addition, Paradigm Housing Group will purchase a number of the completed dwellings which will consist of both rental and shared ownership tenure.

“Brooklands is different from many other housing developments as it offers a genuine community feel and a variety of facilities that allow people to mix and integrate. It has proved hugely successful and we want to build on this success via this new joint venture,” Mr Elcock added.

Andrew Swindell, managing director, Barratt Northampton, added: “Our business is expanding, built on our capability to deliver challenging projects on time. This site continues our heritage in Milton Keynes where we’ve built around 800 homes in the past five years. We have an outstanding track record of delivery and we will be on site as soon as possible.”