Plans for 'ugly' telephone mast are thwarted in Milton Keynes

Plans to put a second telephone mast on a city roundabout have been thwarted by a local councillor.

Wednesday, 8th January 2020, 4:45 pm

Sitec Infrastructure Services Ltd wanted to erect the super tall mast on the roundabout at the junction of the H4 Dansteed Way, near Lodge Lake at Great Holm.

The move would improve signal reception for local people.

But residents complained, saying the second structure would be a blot on the landscape.

Councillor Nolan near the mast
Councillor Nolan near the mast

Councillor Zoe Nolan said: “I was contacted by a number of local residents when the proposal for a second ugly telephone mast became public. I argued it was

not needed. That has been accepted. This good news is a victory for local people, but we now need to do more."

She is now arguing that the existing mast should be surrounded by trees and shrubs to make it less of an eyesore.

She said: "I understand we have to accept a number of telephone masts to upgrade to 5G but let’s try and make them less of an eyesore, especially in such a lovely, local beauty spot.

"I am pushing for the current mast to be surrounded by trees and shrubs to minimise the impact on the surrounding area. It would also help tackle climate change if trees are

planted all around the mast.”

Cllr Nolan has thanked the mast company for "backing down."