Play areas should be encouraged around the city

Skate Park off Countess Way Broughton Gate
Skate Park off Countess Way Broughton Gate
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CHILDREN need to get out more, be healthier and interact with other people of their own age.

A gripe that many have with the youth of today – so why close down facilities that encourage them to do just that?

In Milton Keynes there are a number of areas where children can play safely whether they are playing football, riding their bikes or using a skateboard.

So why is it that people call for more places to play for youngsters but then complain when they are there?

In Broughton Gate a skate park has been threatened with closure because kids are, wait for it, making too much noise.

Now I understand if this is happening late at night but the majority of complaints have been made in the day and early evening.

Come on. Would people rather children were skating in an area that is designed to accommodate it or grinding on walls, steps and handrails in more dangerous locations where the public might be walking?

In 2009 a skate park was opened in Newport Pagnell next to the cricket pitch in Willen Road. It too caused uproar with many complaining it was in the wrong place and was used by those who wanted to go and do things other than skate.

Nowadays apart from the odd problem with children playing on it while the cricket is on – despite being told numerous times not to do so – there is little trouble.

They get round that problem by going over and having a quiet word with the children, asking them not to skate for their own safety.

So what is the problem with people doing that rather than making official complaints to the authorities.

In 2010 the old Milton Keynes Bus terminal was transformed into The Buszy, where you will find a world famous skate plaza that encourages even more people to get outside and express themselves in a positive way.

Children today are often thought of as nothing but lazy, disrespectful little oiks who are becoming more and more obese because of a lack of social activity fuelled by social media.

Sound familiar? It sounds like the views of many of the older generation frustrated with the youth of today for their perceived apathy.

Is it any wonder that children are forced inside when outside amenities are being closed?

Now I understand that people may not want a facility like this close to their houses. But the sound of children playing would surely beat the sound of them out on the village green drinking or taking drugs.

Maybe a touch extreme to suggest they will do one or the other but still, if children have somewhere to go to express themselves and blow off some steam they won’t be using that pent up energy in a negative fashion.