Plea for return of dead husband’s CDs

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A grieving widow is pleading for the thieves who stole her dead husband’s belongings to have a conscience and return them.

Lisa Lloyd’s husband Jamie, 41, died when his motorcycle was involved in a collision with a car on Chaffron Way in April last year.

At the time of his death, the popular musician was renovating the family’s second home in Wolverton – bought as a future investment for their four children.

After his death, Lisa moved most of Jamie’s personal items, including more than 100 of his favourite CDs, into the garage of their house in Church Street, Wolverton.

However, that garage was recently targeted by thieves who stole the CDs, plus Jamie’s much loved ‘Outa Time’ Back to the Future number plate, and equipment for the couple’s T-shirt printing business.

“It feels like we have lost another part of Jamie,” said Lisa, 38. “Jamie played the piano and the saxophone – he loved his music.

“Most of those CDs will mean nothing to most people but to me they are priceless because they remind me of Jamie.

“I had to move his things into the garage to sort the house out and I’m devastated everything has been taken.

“I had planned to move everything somewhere else but now I’m worried I will never see them again.

“I hope whoever took them has a heart and returns them to me. It makes me incredibly upset to think about it.”