Plea for return of ‘irreplaceable’ garden ornament

Have you seen this stolen lighthouse?
Have you seen this stolen lighthouse?

A garden is under 24/7 watch after a 14-inch object was stolen in the night.

Owners Trevor and Jackie Isbell say the lighthouse, made of solid heavy stone, has “deep sentimental value”.

In an open letter, the pair have pleaded with the “heartless” thief to return it.

It said: “It was very, very heavy and quite old. It originally belonged to my neighbour’s grandmother and has deep sentimental value.

“Unpainted it is worth £31 on Ebay and the like. This one is beautifully hand painted and a ‘one off’.

“If anyone sees it in your neighbour’s garden, or on sale, tell them I want it back. “This is irreplaceable and instantly recognised. The police have been informed.”

The couple from Newport Pagnell believe the break-in happened on the night of August 11.

They ask that anyone with information to call 01908 989727 and leave a message.