‘Please do not approve Tesco’

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AROUND 100 angry protesters filled the council chamber to fight Tesco’s proposed move to Newport Pagnell.

The TesNo group spoke at a meeting of the full council on Tuesday night to express their outrage over plans by the supermarket giants to build on the former Aston Martin Lagonda site.

Tesco has been seeking planning approval to build a 3,527 square metre store on the site in Newport Pagnell.

Tom Lonergan, chairman of the TesNo group, told councillors that the store was unlike anything Milton Keynes has, as it would be surrounded by houses on almost all sides.

He said: “We love our town and cherish our community, but there are several questions still unanswered.

“This store will have a direct impact on our communities.

“It will be built in a heavily residential area in an old market town.

“The store will be surrounded by houses on three sides – there is no other supermarket like this in Milton Keynes.

“The store would bring in excess of two million cars through our town – where are they all going to go? Newport Pagnell was not built to handle that volume of traffic.

The group of supporters held up their TesNo banner behind Mr Lonergan as he spoke to councillors, before everyone joined him to stand up and say, “Please do not approve this Tesco application.”

The ongoing battle began in 2009 when plans were initially submitted.

Since then, the group was formed and has held a series of protests against the planned store.

A funeral march took place, led by the Grim Retailer, through the streets of Newport Pagnell to demonstrate anger towards the proposals.

More recently, the group battled against illegal banners put up near the proposed site, advertising a new store coming to the town, despite having been denied permission by the planning committee.

A decision on the proposal is expected on February 23.