‘Please do not demolish our town’s historic rail buildings’

Protestor Phil Webb
Protestor Phil Webb

History lovers are protesting against plans to demolish a railway town’s heritage.

St Modwen developers have applied for planning permission to carry out a £100 million regeneration of the former Wolverton Railway Works site.

The proposal includes offices and 375 homes.

Protestor Phil Webb has launched a petition on Change.org called St Modwen: Save our historic railways buildings.

“I hope we can get the demolition stopped and the buildings saved for future rail use.

He said: “The plan is stripping Wolverton of the historic buildings we have all grown to love which were the reason for the town existing.

“In fact, it is the World’s first railway town with others such as Swindon, Crewe and Doncaster following.

“The Royal Train has also been based at Wolverton for over 150 years.

“There is no mention of this iconic train anywhere in the plan do they intend on it remaining here?”

The Planning Application is due to be heard on November 5.

Mr Webb will be protesting again on October 31 outside the main entrance of the works.