‘Please donate for my death at Dignitas clinic’

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A disabled man has set up a crowd funding page to pay for his own DEATH.

Roger Bailey, 66, wants to raise £30,000 so he can pay for assisted suicide at Switzerland’s Dignitas Clinic.

“I am not terminally ill but I am in constant pain and rapidly losing my dignity. I decided more than a year ago it was time for me to die,” he said.

But finding the cash for Dignitas has proved a problem for the former playboy, who admits to having spent his life partying, travelling and making a losing three different fortunes.

“I’m hoping people will treat my crowd funding bid as an investment. By helping me die, they are saving the NHS thousands of pounds in money it would cost to treat me,” he said.

“I would rather the NHS spent that cash helping people who want to live. It is wasted on me.”

Roger, who lives alone in North Crawley, says his plan has received a mixed reaction from his friends.

“Some get it totally, but others can’t even talk about it.”

Roger’s ordeal began in 2011 when he was diagnosed with Stage 6 prostrate cancer.

Doctors also removed a benign tumour from his spine. Resulting nerve damage has caused constant severe pain and double incontinence.

“It’s horrible and it’s not dignified. I’ve had a fantastic life but it’s time to call it a day,” he said.

You can find Roger’s crowd funding page atwww.crowdfunder.co.uk/my-dignitas-fund-1