‘Please help me to become the next Billy Elliot’

Daniel Park in action. Photo by Jon Applegate
Daniel Park in action. Photo by Jon Applegate

A budding Billy Elliot is looking for backing to fulfil his dream of becoming a famous ballet dancer.

Bletchley’s 15-year-old Daniel Park can find no local school or college equipped to teach him the advanced dance diploma he needs.

Now the youngster has secured a place next month at a specialist academy in Birmingham – but now needs to raise the £10,000 travel costs.

“While my parents are able to provide some financial support, they are not able to afford all the expenses for the two year course,” said Daniel, who has a string of dance championships under his belt.

He has written to businesses in MK explaining his predicament.

“I am actively looking to raise funds and I am totally committed to doing all I can to ensure that I am able to attend in September,” he said.

Daniel’s passion for dance started when he was just six years old.

“My dream is to become a professional dancer on the West End stage and a recognised choreographer, he said.

Teenager Daniel spends hours every day perfecting his dance skills.

He attends weekly classes for ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary and freestyle.

He also travels to Birmingham to train three times a week and regularly compete in competitions all over the UK as well as Ireland and Norway.

So far this year Daniel’s solo performances have won him the Superstar Championship, the Northwest Championship and a runner -up medal in Eurodance.