‘Please return my stolen memories’

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A WOMAN is pleading with burglars to return her cherished memories of her son as a child.

Jackie Iles returned to her Shenley Lodge home after visiting her sister to find the window smashed on the front door and her video camera – which had 11 years of footage of her now 15-year-old son – missing.

She searched the house to try and work out what had been taken and soon discovered that the thieves had not only stolen her son’s laptop but also the video camera.

Jackie had been recording her son since he was around four-years-old and it was so old that it used the old VHS tapes. Jackie is now hoping that people can return the camera or even just the tapes so that she can at least have the memories back.

She said: “I pulled up on the drive and saw the door’s window pane had been smashed. The stone that had been used to smash it was actually still on the floor. But when I looked through the window I could still see the television so I was hopeful that it had just been someone throwing a stone or something else and then running away.”

Jackie left the house at around 1.30pm to go to her sister’s house in nearby Emerson Valley with her two sons, the second of whom is just six months old. She believes that the burglars must have struck sometime between 3pm and 10.45pm, when she returned home.

She said: “It is shocking to think that there have been people in my house that weren’t invited and that they have been through mine and my sons’ personal items.The drawers in our rooms had been pulled out and when I saw it all I was absolutely devastated, I still am. It is such a horrible feeling to pull up to your house and see a big hole in one of the windows.

“It would have been so nice to sit down and watch the recordings we had made as the boys grew up but now it looks like I won’t get the chance to do that and that hurts a lot.”

Jackie was then forced to painstakingly search through the house to see what the thieves had taken. it was while doing that she realised that along with the camera thieves stole around £300 that was being saved to take the family on holiday sometime this year. Now it looks like Jackie will have to start her saving at square one.

She said: “I was looking to go to Turkey with the boys but now it seems we might not be able to go this year. I am just so heartbroken because money you can replace, just like any other items, but the memories I had on that camera are just irreplaceable.

“If anyone knows what happened to the camera or who carried out this horrible crime I would urge them to call police. I just want the tape back, surely someone has some remorse out their and can grant me that wish.”

Jackie has said she is not giving up without a fight and is now desperately appealing for those responsible to come forward with the camera.