Please return unwanted medical equipment

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People have been asked to look in their cupboards and garages to see if they have any medical equipment or aids that have been borrowed from local health services and are no longer used or needed.

Milton Keynes Community Health Services’ Equipment Service is looking for equipment such as walking frames, trilators – wheeled walking frames, free standing toilet frames, commodes, raised toilet seats, bed levers, bed sticks, bath lifts, rotastands and wheelchairs.

This equipment might have been prescribed by an occupational therapist or loaned by Milton Keynes Hospital.

With a raised toilet seat costing £10, trilators at £54 and a rotastand having a price tag of £200, the cost of equipment sitting unused in the community really adds up.

Equipment Services Manager at MKCHS, Ted Chandler, said: “Sometimes people forget about equipment borrowed from local health services that they no longer need. Maybe you have recovered, or the person who once used it has passed away.

“If you have any medical equipment that you have borrowed and it is no longer needed or used, please return it so that another patient can benefit. Returning the equipment so another patient can use it will also help your local NHS save money.”

Unused equipment should be returned to the equipment stores in the grounds of the old Bletchley Community Hospital, Whalley Drive, Bletchley, MK3 6EN. The service is able to accept returned items between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. People are advised not to leave anything outside when the store is closed.

If you are not sure whether a piece of equipment is included in the amnesty, call the team for advice on 01908 379450.

The service can collect items from people who are unable to make their own arrangements to return the equipment but due to the team’s busy schedule, it may take up to two weeks for the equipment to be collected.