Please Sir, I’m suing my school for compensation

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Tens of thousands of pounds in compensation has been paid out to eight city pupils who threatened to sue their own school.

Council figures show that one primary school child received £10,000 for an injured finger, while another was awarded £8,000 for slipping on ice.

The pupil pay-outs, revealed by the Citizen through a Freedom of Information request, total more than £60,000 between October 2010 and February 2012.

All but one of them involve primary school age children, whose complaints include a burn, a broken arm, defective equipment, and a ‘building defect’.

And one secondary school pupil claimed compensation after complaining of a ‘lack of supervision’. He or she was awarded £9,573.92.

However, top of the class in the compensation stakes are teachers.

In the past three years a whopping £97,000 has been claimed by just FIVE teachers – three of them for assaults by pupils.

A primary school teacher was awarded £50,000 after ‘manhandling’, while another special needs teacher is currently claiming £21,000 for an assault by a pupil.

This week Milton Keynes Council said the money came from an insurance policy and not council coffers. A spokesman said the amount of claims was relatively low considering the city has 109 schools.

“The council investigates all claims thoroughly to ensure they are legitimate,” he said.

Andy Dransfield, the cabinet member responsible for schools, said the council’s compensation payments were “modest” compared to some authorities.

“Luckily the money comes from our insurance and not the public pocket,” he said.