‘Please stop staring at my baby’s face’

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A mum is begging strangers to stop staring and pointing at her baby girl – just because she has a birthmark on her face.

Four-month-old Marnie-Rose Aggett attracts attention every time mum Courtnei wheels her out in her buggy.

But it’s for all the wrong reasons says Courtnei, who is appalled at how unkind people can be.

“Strangers stare and point wherever we go. You see them look into the buggy, see the mark on my baby, then physically jump back as if she is going to bite them or something.”

One person even asked Courtnei if her baby had a “jelly sweet” stuck to her face.

Marnie-Rose has a hemangioma, also known as a strawberry mark. It started as a small dot but has grown bigger over the weeks.

“We have no idea how big it will get, but Marnie-Rose will get all the appropriate treatment,” said Courtnei, who lives in Wolverton with partner Lee and older daughter Amelia-Grace.

“But whatever happens, to us she is beautiful,” she said.