‘Podd is a funny name for a Lord’

Phil Ives from Warrington
Phil Ives from Warrington

A MAN who has lived in the same house in the same tiny hamlet for 79 years has had his hopes of becoming a Lord of the Manor dashed.

Retired farmer Phil Ives paid £10,600 for the title of Lord of Warrington at an auction arranged by a company called Noble Titles.

He is the longest-standing inhabitant of Warrington, a village just outside Olney with just a few dozen residents.

“I really fancied being the Lord around here.

“When I told people I’d bought the title they all started bowing to me and calling me Your Lordship.

“I enjoyed it. It was fun – and my wife Joan really fancied being Her Ladyship.”

But Phil’s flirtation with nobility was short-lived when the transaction hit a technical hitch.

Noble Titles boss Graham Fothergill, who goes by the title of Baron, explained: “The title itself was genuine – we had it all checked out. It was being sold by a man in America and we were just the agent.

“The problem came when we tried to transfer Mr Ives’ money to him. After six weeks we still hadn’t managed to speak to his solicitor to do all the legal stuff.

“It was all very frustrating so eventually we gave up and gave Mr Ives a full refund.”

This week Phil, as a plain old Mr, is back to his unlordly chores of chopping wood for his Rayburn and mending fences on Warrington Lodge, where he farmed full-time until he was 70.

“I am disappointed not be be a Lord but I’m still proud to be the longest living person in Warrington,” he said.

Meanwhile the official Lord of Warrington is still the man in America.

“He’s called Mr Podd. It’s a funny old name for a Lord,” said Phil.