Police and council work together to prevent illegal redway use in Milton Keynes

Thames Valley Police and Milton Keynes Council have been working together to prevent the illegal use of the redway system by criminals in cars.

Friday, 20th January 2017, 12:29 pm
Updated Friday, 20th January 2017, 12:32 pm

Working in partnership they have identified a number of locations in Milton Keynes which have been used by criminals travelling in vehicles to escape or avoid detection by the authorities.

A number of residents from across Milton Keynes have raised concerns to the police about people driving cars on the redway system, often during the daytime when children are playing or drivers are travelling to and from work.

The redway system is designed primarily for bicycles and pedestrians to reduce the risk of them being involved in collisions with vehicles on the fast-moving city grid roads. They are popular with both leisure and business users and provide a comprehensive and safe travel system through the city’s estates.

A number of measures have been implemented to reinforce the identified areas, including extra bollards and changes to the layout making it more difficult for vehicles to access them.

Roads Policing Insp Simon Hills said: “One of the primary roles of the Roads Policing Unit is to deny criminals the use of the roads and we include the redway system in this.

“We have identified a number of locations throughout MK where fleeing drivers have taken to the redway system to avoid capture by the police. We are now working closely with our partners to reinforce these areas and make it harder for criminals to escape.”

Regular meetings are being held between the police and the council to update the intelligence and identify areas requiring further attention.

“Our redways were specifically created to give pedestrians and cyclists a safe network to travel around the city,” said Colin Wilderspin, head of community safety at Milton Keynes Council.

“They have many users including children and families – these individuals are putting people’s lives at risk which is unacceptable.

“We will continue to work with the police and other partners to stop these individuals from driving dangerously on our footpaths and redways.”