Police assure public after ‘potential threat’ rumoured in Milton Keynes


Police investigating warnings of a potential attack on CMK have said there is nothing to suggest it is “anything more than a rumour”.

Superintendant Gez Chiariello has told the public to “carry on with their daily lives”, but to remain vigilant - after rumours circulated on social media over the weekend.

It has been reported that shoppers who return money dropped by a woman in the city “receive a blessing in the name of Allah” - and then told not to come to CMK today.

Mr Chiariello, LPA Commander for Milton Keynes, said: “We have been made aware of a rumour circulating on social media about a potential threat today in Milton Keynes.

“At this time there is no information to suggest that this is anything more than a rumour.”

Officers say there is no link to this and a separate bomb hoax dealt with by officers on Friday night at Weatherspoons pub.

Threat being circulated on Facebook

Threat being circulated on Facebook

The Citizen has this morning received concerned calls from readers about the potential threat.

One said: “My mum was on the bus this morning and the driver told her about this threat. He didn’t say it could potentially be a hoax - but that it was going to happen.
“She is in her 70s and doesn’t use Facebook so she called me up in a state, really worrying about what was going to happen.

“Something like this could cause health problems for older people. These hoaxers might think it’s a bit of a giggle but it’s very serious. It’s sickening.”

This morning bosses at centre:mk announced it will be open as usual following the warnings on Facebook.

The statement said: “We are open as usual today and aware of the rumours circulating. Police have confirmed they are completely false.”

Mr Chiariello added: “We would ask everyone to carry on with their daily lives but to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious via the 24 hour Thames Valley Police enquiry line 101.”