Police exhume body at Fenny cemetery

Grave Exhumation at Fenny Stratford Cemetery
Grave Exhumation at Fenny Stratford Cemetery

THAMES Valley Police has today exhumed the body of a man as part of a missing persons investigation dating back 25 years.

The case relates to the body of a man whose body was recovered from the River Ouse in Olney in December 1986, but due to lack of DNA testing a formal identity could not made at the time. The case, following the exhumation at Fenny Straford cemetery, is now being reviewed with the help of the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) Missing Persons Bureau.

Detective Sergeant Craig Kirby, said: “We have engaged with the family and they have been extremely supportive. We have authority from the Ministry of Justice who have issued us with an exhumation certificate.”

An official identification could be made within three weeks and an inquest could be re-opened to get a formal identification.

The original inquest, carried out in 1986, returned an open verdict, with the cause of death unknown.