Police increase patrols as Xmas approaches

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Police officers have increased patrols around the city as the ‘busy’ Christmas period approaches.

Superintendent Barry Halliday, LPA Commander for Thames Valley, said police are working hard to keep the number of burglaries in the city to a minimum.

Historically, burglary and theft offences increase in December in the run up to the festive period.

However, Mr Halliday said his team are ‘match fit’ to deal with any offences.

He said: “As we start to approach Christmas people have more possessions on them as they may have been shopping in the town centre.

“Crime in general is low in Milton Keynes but there is a slight spike in robbery related offences through December.

“We are making good progress as a Force to keep this down as we aware that it does happen and we are already carrying out extensive overt and covert work; the idea is to prevent it happening in the first place.

“Compared to other areas locally we are still doing statistically better but that doesn’t mean we are taking it any easier.

“These issues, for a town of this size, are remarkably low and we as a Force would like to keep it that way.”

However Mr Halliday was quick to advise people that they could also help themselves to avoid becoming victims of crime.

He added: “People need to be sensible at this time of year. Don’t parade phones and other electrical items around when you’re walking at night, put your phone in your pocket and keep it out of sight.

“Also, if you’re out doing your Christmas shopping, don’t go back to your car to drop some off and then go back out to shop.

“Wait until you’re ready to go home and then leave with it all.”