Police officer sacked for domestic violence in Milton Keynes

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Police news
A police officer has been dismissed for discreditable conduct after being found guilty of a domestic violence offence in Milton Keynes.

City magistrates fined PC Floyd McCarthy £970 for assaulting his victim by beating.

Afterwards the 50-year-old, who works for the Metropolitan police, faced a special case hearing by the force’s Standards of Professional Behaviour department.

As a result he was dismissed from his job last week.

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The chair of the misconduct hearing, Assistant Commissioner Helen King, said: “PC McCarthy was convicted of an offence of domestic violence.”

she added: “Huge strides have been made in recent years to improve the confidence of victims of domestic abuse to report their situation to police. This requires them to have trust in their officers that such matters will be dealt with seriously. The conviction of any police officer for such an offence will very obviously undermine that trust.”