Police officer sacked over fuel card misuse

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A Thames Valley Police officer has been sacked for using taxpayers’ money to fill up his own vehicle.

PC Andrew Hiscocks has been dismissed without notice after fraudulently using a Thames Valley Police fuel card to fill up a private vehicle.

The officer was sacked by Chief Constable Francis Habgood after a hearing into the breaches found that he used the card, knowing he was not entitled to do so.

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DCI Matthew Stone of Thames Valley Police’s Professional Standards Department, said PC Hiscocks’ actions were ‘completely unacceptable’.

He said: “As well as being found to be criminal and in breach of our standards it is flagrant abuse of public money during challenging financial times.

“The honesty of our staff must be beyond reproach and any betrayal of that trust will be dealt with robustly.”

He was found guilty of six counts of breaching the Standards of Professional Behaviour set out in the Schedule to the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2012.

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The case was referred to the Crown Prosecution Service and the officer, who was based at Milton Keynes, received a criminal caution.

He has made arrangements to pay back the money to Thames Valley Police.