Police operator: ‘I’m sorry, what’s the V7’

stadiummk - based on the V7, not in Hampshire
stadiummk - based on the V7, not in Hampshire

A CONCERNED motorist who called police after he saw a pedestrian collapse by the side of the road was shocked when his call was transfered to an operator in Hampshire.

The former police officer, who didn’t want to be named, said the lady he spoke to had no idea what the V7 Saxon Street was.

He had been driving towards the Denbigh roundabout at around 11am on Monday, when he saw a man go down on one knee and then fall over. Unable to stop as he was on the opposite carriageway he drove to a nearby car park and called 999.

But when he explained what had happened, the operator said she was in Hampshire and didn’t know what the V7 was.

He said: “I have no idea if anyone made it out in the end.

“This is supposed to be an emergency response, but I was explaining where I was for six minutes.”

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said the force has answered 92 per cent of 999 calls within ten seconds since April 2012.

But she admitted that a small minority of calls are passed to neighbouring forces at busy times. The information from these calls is then transferred back to the local Control Room.

“Since April 2012 less than one per cent of Thames Valley Police 999 calls have had to be handled in this manner,” she said.