Police parking is not a fair cop

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POLICE, investigating a robbery in Neath Hill, have been criticised for parking in a disabled bay – twice.

Two eagle-eyed readers sent in pictures, both taken on Tuesday morning, showing the car parked in one bay at 9.50am and the other just 29 minutes later in the next bay.

Eyewitness, Mark Mills, said: “It is no excuse that they were investigating a crime from six hours before that they parked in a disabled space.

“It is one rule for one and one for another because if I had parked there I would have received a ticket.”

Another eyewitness said: “There were parking spaces available but even if there weren’t it’s no excuse. Just because they are police it doesn’t give them the right to park in a disabled bay; anyone who parks in one without a badge should be fined and get points, it’s disgusting and lazy.

“It’s things like this that give the public a negative view of the police and not trust them.”

A police spokesman said: “Police officers are exempt from parking regulations for operational policing purposes, but officers are aware of the need to be considerate and only park in disabled bays as a last resort.

“The police vehicle pictured was on operational duties, as the officer was investigating a burglary which had happened overnight, and on both these occasions there were no other spaces available at the time.”

The officers were investigating a burglary at the Euro Off Licence in Neath Hill which took place Tuesday between 3.16am and 3.25am.

Two offenders forced open the shop’s shutter, made their way in and stole a quantity of cigarettes and cash.

The men are described as wearing blue or grey tracksuit bottoms and hooded tops.

They were both around 6ft tall of medium build raced off on a Motocross style bike through an underpass between Northfield and Broughton.

> Police are appealing for any witnesses to call them on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.