Police rural crime crackdown enters phase two


Police officers have carried out phase two of their part in the 100 days of action against rural crime.

The week of action was particularly successful, with 23 visits made to farm owners. Officers also visited the villages of Hanslope, Haversham and Castlethorpe and signed residents up to the police community messaging system – Thames Valley alert, and gave out 23 Countrywatch signs.

Appointments were also arranged with three equestrian centres to go and mark tack. An Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) operation took place where 452 number plates were read, and 12 had hits.

Officers conducted ride along patrols with farmers with the objective of giving them a greater insight into the challenges of policing rural crime.

They also have been mapping farms which have been repeat victims of rural crime, and mapping ownership of the rural land in the area, with the intention of making policing crime in the local area easier, and to enhance communication between farmers and the local neighbourhood team.

One of the Force’s wildlife officers also visited five primary schools in Milton Keynes and gave pupils presentations on rural crime.

Sergeant Andy Paulden, who led the operation in Milton Keynes, said: “Some excellent focussed work was done during the week, which built on the success of our first week of action last year.

“We have engaged with people across the rural community, and I believe that the efforts made by officers in this week of action will help to reduce rural crime in Milton Keynes.”