Police stand guard at closed play park

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A POLICE officer is standing guard at a play park in Middleton which was closed after residents complained about anti social behaviour.

The park, near Southside Lane, which opened just a few ago has been closed after allegations of vandalism and teenagers intimidating younger children and making excessive noise.

Other complaints were about the use of BMX bikes around the park, causing damage to the local newt population.

Milton Keynes Council agreed to close the park on Tuesday, and a PCSO stood guard on Friday as groups met to discuss the park and how it should be managed in the future.

Sam Crooks, ward councillor for Middleton, was at the meeting on Friday. He said: “After complaints from residents, we decided to close the park on Tuesday.

“The park has been guarded by the police for a few days to drive the message home to children that it is closed.

“The park is built for older children, but their horse-play is causing problems for younger children and is disturbing the residents who surround the park.

“But it is not just young people from the area –at the meeting we spoke to children from as far off as Willen who come to play in the park.”

A council spokesman said: “The play area has been shut down on a temporary basis following complaints about alleged anti-social behaviour by some young people in the park.

“However we held a very successful public consultation event on Friday, which was well attended by local residents and young people.

“We are still in discussions with local residents, the site developer. the police and other partners to try and reach an amicable solution.”

The park remains closed until further notice.