Police stop 83 drivers using mobile phones on the M1 near Milton Keynes in four days

Officers from the Roads Policing Unit have continued to actively enforce the legislation in relation to motorists using their mobile phones whilst driving on the M1 motorway in Milton Keynes.

Tuesday, 14th March 2017, 3:09 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:01 am

Between March 6 and March 9 officers from Thames Valley stopped 103 motorists.

A total of 83 drivers were stopped for using a mobile phone whilst driving, with a further eight drivers found to not be in proper control of their vehicles. Of these, 38 were driving large goods vehicles, both UK-and foreign-registered.

Officers used an unmarked HGV cab to patrol the motorway and identify the offending drivers, with police motorcyclists and motorway patrol vehicles stopping the vehicles and dealing with the offences.

The unmarked HGV cab was provided to the police by truck and trailer giants Dawson Group who have their headquarters based locally in Milton Keynes, providing officers with a unique perspective of the offending behaviour of some drivers.

Three drivers already had six points on their licence, meaning they will be summonsed to court for the offence, and face a possible ban if found guilty.

Furthermore five vehicles were seized for having no insurance, one driver reported for driving whilst disqualified and another driver was arrested after being identified as wanted in another force.

Sgt Paul Diamond said: “It was encouraging to see that the vast majority of drivers have heeded the warnings and are self-disciplined enough to manage their in car phone use.

“We can now target our time on those who refuse to put safety first and who pose the greatest risk on the roads.

“I’d like to thank Dawson Group Truck & Trailer Rental at Milton Keynes for their generosity and community spirit in loaning us a vehicle for this operation.

“We have noticed great support from the public in tackling this type of offending, and we have received invaluable support from local companies in supplying us with alternative methods for identifying these offences.

“The Roads Policing Unit are committed to tackling this behaviour making our roads safer for everyone to enjoy.”