Police stop drivers in ANPR operation


Police stopped 34 vehicles during an ANPR operation between Junction 13 and 14 on the M1 Motorway between 8am and 3pm today.

Seven vehicles were found to be being driven without insurance. The drivers of these vehicles were issued £200 fixed penalty notices that will endorse their licences with six penalty points or reported for summons to appear at court. The driver’s vehicles were also seized under S165 of the Road Traffic Act and each will have to pay a seizure fee and insure the vehicle to claim it back.

Four drivers were found to be driving their vehicles without valid road tax that was more than two months out of date. Their details were recorded and passed to the DVLA and each of their vehicles was seized under DVLA powers. Each driver will have to pay a release fee and either tax the vehicle or pay a surety to claim it back.

Eight other drivers were issued fixed penalty notices for offences such as no MOT, illegal window tints, number plate offences or having tyres with insufficient tread.

The operation was supported by agents from the Motor Insurers Bureau based in Milton Keynes.

Sergeant Daniel Collett, from Milton Keynes Roads Policing, said: “Drivers are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure the vehicle they are using is roadworthy before commencing any journey, including vehicles not owned by them.

“Strict enforcement action will be taken against drivers found to be in breach of their driving licence conditions, failure to insure or failure to display valid vehicle excise licences.

“These drivers in most cases pose a significant risk to other motorists and are often driving vehicles in an un-roadworthy condition or are evading the costs involved with running/maintaining a motor vehicle.

“The check was conducted to ensure that we keep our region’s roads as safe as possible.”