Police to offer real care in the community

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PJ Care have teamed up with Thames Valley Police to educate officers on how to treat and care for people with neurological conditions.

PJ Care and Thames Valley Police are working together on the Initial Police Learning and Development Programme (IPLDP) to help trainee police officers to understand the needs and concerns of different groups across their local community.

The programme allows 12 police officers a year to spend two days in one of PJ Care’s three care units in Milton Keynes working with the staff to care for residents with neurological conditions. The training forms part of their induction into the force and covers one of two placements in the community that each police officer must undertake.

PJ Care is one of the first Care Homes to be involved in the scheme. During the placement the police officers are allocated mentors and will assist staff with meal times, organising and carrying out activities and learning how to deal with difficult behaviours of neurological patients.

PJ Care joined the programme to offer police officers, nearly all of whom will be working in the local area around the homes, an insight into the behaviours of people with long term neurological conditions such as Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s’ Disease and early onset dementia.

Mandy Ludlow, Director of Clinical Development, said: “We are thrilled to be working with Thames Valley police on this programme and are pleased at how well it has been received, with the staff, residents and officers all giving positive feedback. We hope that by opening their eyes to the way these conditions can manifest themselves physically and mentally, it will help these officers in their everyday duties when they come across a situation with a person that may well be suffering from a mental illness or neurological condition.”

Martin Elliott, Community Manager for Thames Valley Police said; “Police Officers have to acquire so many different skills and knowledge in policing what is a very complex society. I am grateful to PJ Care for their investment and time in assisting with the Placement Programme, and allowing our new Police Officers to acquire knowledge in dealing with people with neurological difficulties. This can only be of benefit to these Officers, the Police Service and the wider Community of Milton Keynes.”