Police to security mark bikes at train station this week

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Police officers will be at Milton Keynes train station this week to help cyclists with security marking.

Every night until Thursday, between 5pm and 8pm, officers, with the backing of Milton Keynes Council will be at the station security marking bicycles in order to help their recovery if they are stolen.

Stolen bicycles are often recovered by police officers in Milton Keynes, but are difficult to return to the owner as they have not been marked.

Sergeant Keith Lavery said: “We have organised this event with our partners Milton Keynes Council in order to mark as many bicycles as possible.

“This will help us return bicycles to their rightful owners should they ever be taken.”

“During the winter months, bicycles are more likely to be stolen and this is why we have decided to hold the event at this time of year.

“This event is taking place in the evening in the hope that commuters will pick-up their bicycles and have them security marked before cycling home.

“We encourage everyone with a bicycle to come along.”