Police: ‘We are winning the war against burglaries in Milton Keynes’

Thames Valley Police logo
Thames Valley Police logo

Burglaries in Milton Keynes are more likely to be solved than almost anywhere else in the region, according to police.

Last week the Citizen reported that less than one in seven burglars are identified by Thames Valley Police, the third lowest detection rate of any police force in England and Wales.

But this week the force has provided new figures showing that the force is performing above average in Milton Keynes, with a 25 per cent detection rate.

Supt Gez Chiariello, LPA commander for Milton Keynes, said: “There are many reasons for this success. Firstly we have a really robust approach to those who commit conspiracy to burgle i.e. where the burglars are organised repeat offenders rather than opportunistic criminals. There have been several successful investigations into conspiracy to burgle cases recently.

“Secondly, we work closely with the integrated offender management team at the Probation Service to manage offenders and we work with the courts to ensure when people are convicted their other crimes are taken into consideration.

“And finally, we also have had a successful winter burglary campaign with our partners which combines crime prevention with targeted patrols of key areas of Milton Keynes and working with intelligence about known individuals.”

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